The New Way
to Cat Litter

A recyclable litter box with litter
delivered to your door every month.

A recyclable litter box with litter delivered to your door every month.










A revolutionary, hassle-free solution to your kitty litter mess

  • Are you tired of cleaning your cats litter tray?

  • Do you hate the smell it leaves in your house?

  • No time to clean?

Kitty Fresh offers a revolutionary all-in-one solution. Get a fresh, disposable litter box and litter delivered every month. With your automatic subscription, just set and forget, and we’ll remember for you.


How It Works

No more lugging around big bags of litter and getting your hands dirty trying to clean up used litter.
The simplicity of the Kitty Fresh experience will make looking after your cat a breeze.

1. Order

Choose a litter and the number of boxes you need each month.

2. Delivery

Kitty Fresh box and litter is delivered to your door every month.

3. Use

Set up our easy-to-use litter box in seconds.  Scoop daily to remove clumps.

4. Dispose

When your new box arrives, simply close and seal the old box and place in your bin.

A new way to litter box.

Our litter box & generous litter combo covers a single cat for 4 weeks.

  • Leak proof tray

  • Recyclable materials

  • Sturdy construction

  • Easy to set up and tear down

  • High sides to keep litter in

  • Plenty of room for the cat


My cats are so picky with their litter - I've been wanting to change them to a more eco friendly litter for so long to no avail. Every litter I've tried, they've absolutely hated and I've ended up wasting so much walks KittyFresh and their bamboo litter! It's been an absolute life saver my cats absolutely love it! One of them is notorious for standing in the box and playing a game called, "let's see how much litter I can kick onto the floor." This has basically stopped it! And the idea that I don't have to clean the litter boxes each month when I change the litter is amazing. I absolutely cannot recommend KittyFresh enough!

Amanda Zahumensky 26 September 2021

Since I got a cat I have tried almost all the cat litter products, but I have not been 100% satisfied with any of them. And once I was offered kitty fresh. To be honest, I was very skeptical about another attempt to change the product. But a miracle happened and kitty fresh works fantastic. One box works for 4 weeks and no smell at all. It is fantastic! Thank you very much. We are very happy with this product.

Oksana Bugaichuk 14 September 2021

Kitty fresh has made life so much easier! No more smelly cat litter, no longer need to clean litter boxes and simply gets delivered to your door! Highly recommend Kitty fresh.

Jodie Anne 26 August 2021

Absolutely fabulous product that lasts the distance! Environmentally friendly, everything is recyclable!! We tried the bamboo litter which clumped extremely well and masked odour extremely well too! Our two boys (tabby and a sphynx) both used their kitty fresh box without a glitch, would definitely purchase again and recommend!! Thankyou also for your wonderful customer service, a really lovely, prompt, smart team to deal with!! It’s a five star review from us!! (Noosa Country Cat Hotel, QLD, Australia) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Amy L 24 August 2021

Spritz loves this bamboo litter. It masks odors, clumps well, and keeps dust to a minimum. The biodegradable box is pawsome.

tiziana figus 9 August 2021

This is an amazing idea that I wish I knew about sooner! Saves me time and energy and my cats love it as well. The bamboo litter is also really good and the tall walls stop from the usual mess my cats make. Good stuff!!

Karen Caballero 29 July 2021
Jack Everett 29 July 2021

Great product that I now can’t live without! Cats Loki and Polly adapted with no issue and it’s so much tidier with the high sides. Glad to never have to clean their litter box ever again!

Julie Nolan 25 July 2021

It's purr-fect !

The Kitty Fresh solution is renewable, lightweight, and better for the environment than current standards.

  • Our litters are eco-friendly with superior odour control.

  • Our boxes are recyclable when used litter is discarded separately.

  • Our home deliveries are 100% carbon neutral.

  • No more unpleasant scraping and cleaning a litter box.

  • Cancel or Pause your subscription at any time.

  • Money Back Guarantee! (Read our full Refund Policy >)

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