Recyclable Cat Litter Box (No Litter)

$16.95 or $14.95 every 4 weeks

We provide the disposable litter box, you provide the litter!

Recyclable Cat Litter Box (No Litter)

A revolutionary, hassle-free solution to your kitty litter mess

Receive a beautifully designed recyclable litter box delivered every month. It’s easy to set up and tear down, has high sides to keep the litter in and provide plenty of room for the cat.
Dimensions: 46cm wide. 33cm deep. 28cm high.

Great for you and the environment

Our leakproof litter boxes are made from recycled materials and can be recycled after use. No water wasted trying to scrape or clean a dirty litter box. And our home delivery service is 100% carbon neutral.